Inspiring Moments Continued

W.H Auden

” In The Deserts Of The Heart / Let The Healing Fountain Start “

3 Points On Painting

2010-2011 “Ten Figures In A Space ‘ Oil On Canvas IMG_20921 Religon

2 Tradition

3 Craftmanship

“Sevan Malikyan” on @Wikipedia:

2015 – 2017 ‘ Two Schoolboys From Van ‘ Oil On Canvas IMG_0809

The private life of a sketchbook

The drawing has been the main starting point for most paintings in the sketchbook. One question remains can the original drawing keep its value on to the canvas without loosing its raw quality


2016 ‘ Double Portrait Series ‘ Oil On Canvas a reminder

‘ A Work Of Art reminds you of who you are now ‘IMG_0748

Sketches For Paintings (Process)

2015 ‘ The Lovers ‘ Ink On Paper IMG_0375

Inspiring Verses for paintings

W.H Auden

‘ It was late one evening . The lovers they were gone .The clocks had ceased chiming and the deep river ran on . ‘




An Introduction

2010 – 2011 ‘ Living In Memory ‘ Oil On Canvas Sevan Malikyan  a Visual Journal IMG_1511