A New home A New Journey A New Atmosphere .

‘ The Artist & His `Female Nude Painting has taken many journeys in the studio finding form , narrative and language on the canvas . 3 years on , the painting was completed . An intimate couple travelling together in a beautiful new home , forever bonded in Art .cheztchilingirian_4356

An Artists cove . Selected Works time for contemplation my own story in pictures

A self Portrait Of a Young Artist in pictures

Three ways of seeing

1999 2017

2016 , IMG_2125

A moment in pictures continued

A journey of discovery the process of creation and the elevation of time

Process In The Studio ‘ Capturing a moment ‘

The Painters Process a moment in pictures



A Visual Journey in the studio 2015 – 2017 ….. from the landscape to the figure ” A Self Portrait “

The Painters studio in my case is a highly anxious environment to be in . Traveling through , thought , time and narrative often leaves the painter on edge undervalued and obviously unseen . Searching for the moment of perfection in painting is a impossible task .  I often feel I’m looking into a mirror every time I work , waiting to discover a new beginning, a new end and a new narrative. 2016-12-17 16.59.29

Selected Works 2015 ” Woman 1 ” Blue Period After Picasso Oil On Canvas

In the Studio


Nothing will come close . We have our memories . But alas I feel this is not what she truly sees .

Come close no one will ever be even though you may pretend with me . My heart , my eyes , my soul are still with thee you cannot breath walk or talk or make love without me.

‘Your soul burns with the other but you will only see me . And this will be your eternity .

‘ you do not burn you do not love , you do not want unless you have me .


A Private Passion

2014 – 2015 ‘  Mother & Child ‘ Oil & Acrylic On Canvas 26BC425C-F693-4230-9460-5BAD4282A037 The journey of this picture took many twists and turns the canvas started as a experiment in what can happen next in the process of the painting , searching for the new carrying the past into the processs . The painting started as a expressive landscape  with the idea of the ‘ Tempest ‘ in mind

The painting grew and grew but yet it did not have the required honesty that I search for in every picture .  Days become weeks , weeks became months in searching for a composition that worked .

2014 – ‘ The Tempest ‘ ………….2016-12-14 17.32.042014 – 2015 ‘ The Tempest was left to hang in the studios gallery for a while but when I looked at the work it still made me feel vulnerable and disappointed in what I saw . So the painting came back to the studio to be worked on .  After months and months I could not feel or find an image at all . One December morning at 7am  I approached the painting in the studio turned the painting upright closed my eyes and went to work with the brush while my eyes were still closed . An incredible moment happened ‘ the landscape became figures intwined , a moment to savour the painting had now been complete after a years work . The picture became ‘ Mother &. Child (100) Yrs Oil & Acrylic on canvas .

The painter can suffer from typhlosis at times , on this occasion it inspired .

Mother & Child ‘ A Failed picture !

One morning in the studio a painting started to emerge regarding the subject ‘ Mother & Child ‘ how does one explain the process of the painting with words when paint has a higher power in the Space we work , I push and pull to see a shining light come through to help me on my way , but yet this painting stands still . I yet have not grasped the subject . But  will come back to it again IMG_0424

From the beginning to the end

‘ A Painter should paint what he has to say , and not speak it ‘

‘ For a true painter each painting must have a new beginning with good luck he or she will succeed ‘ IMG_0416

Inspiring Quotes

Inspiring Quotes for a   young Painter.


” One can travel the world and see nothing . To achieve understanding it is necessary not to see many things , but to look hard at what you do see ”

Reference to one self

” Look At my past My future and now  ,   in context of  the painting to push forward ”

Sevan September 2017 …….