The Painters Brushes

My trusted tools , my brushes have seen many a picture transform from the figure to the face and the landscape . History thought and process all in one

Sunday Morning painting


An image that I’m not really convinced about yet. Inspired by Hagops gospels  taken from the gospels book ‘ The Trinity ‘ which I will talk about at length at a later date . This painting still needs more , but we shall wait and see ……….2016-10-10 09.05.30

‘ Hamlet ” From life to dust

‘ I have Of late, but wherefore I know not,lost all my mirth . And indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition that this goodly frame , the earth , seems to me sterile promontory .This most excellent canopy ,the air ,look you ,this brave o’erhanging firmament ,thus majestical roof fretted with golden fire ,why ,it appeareth nothing to me but a foul,and pestilent congregation of vapours .What a piece of work is a man . How noble in reason ! How infinite in faculties ! How like an angel in apprenhesion .How like a god ! The beauty of the world ! The paragon of animals . And yet,to me ,what is this quintessence of dust ? Man delights not me , no,nor woman neither .’

2005 – 2016 ‘ The Artist & His Lover ‘ Oil On Canvas IMG_0579

Giotto’s Crucifixion and more

Filipo Villani , a descendant of Giovanni Villani wrote this about the master’s ability to convey emotion .

‘ For pictures formed by this brush follow nature’s outlines so closely that they seem to the observer to live and breathe and even to perform certain movements and gestures so realistically that they appear to speak ,weep,rejoice and do other things .’

One of  the greatest painters of  emotion ever

The red in this masters work is something I strive for for eternity




2010 – 2011 ‘ Waiting Series ‘ Oil On Canvas IMG_0016.JPGBeing in Cyprus has evoked a new identity with myself as a painter and my Armenian heritage . How important is this new identity?

In order to fulfill my true status as a painter,  one has to have a slice of history in the paintings that I have approached and explored . …….

I have no words perfect

Capturing A Moment A Visual Journey

‘ A successful gesture drawing captures the essence of a subject in a few lines ‘

2015 ‘ Figure Drawing 1 & 2 ‘ Ink On Paper

Time For Reflection

Time For Reflection  Time for thought , Tine To Absorb

” To remain satisfied solely with the outward is to betray the very nature of the human spirit ‘. Albert Einstein


Identity In Painting

Footnotes …..Reflection of my Armenian identity. Use of family history . Must produce identity or decay . Truth in painting . Without truth no form of painting can exist or be born .    Sevan’s work is described as ‘ Intense personal images . Figurative in style which draw on his personal and family history ‘

2014 – 2016 ‘ Mother & Child ” Oil On Canvas 100 years IMG_3969

The Past , The Present ,The Future

A Studio Corner , A moment in pictures ‘Process’ 2016-12-03 11.12.10