As an artist, Sevan is undoubtedly of the highest calibre. Primarily a painter born in London , his work possesses a passion and integrity that arises from Sevan’s personality and interactions with the world. Although his work is sometimes described as expressionistic, it has roots in Sevan’s complex personal history as the son of Armenian parents – his mother an Armenian Cypriot, and his father of Armenian origin from Turkey, who both emigrated to Britain in the 1950s and 60s. This takes his work out of the merely personal, and gives it an undoubtedly contemporary political and social edge rooted in a troubled part of the world. The result is powerful paintings which sweep up the viewer, as if we are witnesses to a kind of grand historical maelstrom, but seen through a personal vision.

Dr Michael Paraskos FHEA, FRSA

Lecturer in Art History (Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication)

Imperial College London

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