A painter’s Journey continued

Following on from my last post, my artistic  journey in Ireland began with my sketchbook, taking in the surroundings of the beautiful land and recording my first lines of the landscape.  I learnt that there are so many ways to record nature: a loose line in  a sketch can always lead to so many ways of making a painting, which  is so fascinating.

When you look at a Tintoretto painting, a swift line suggests a whole area in a painting comes alive … I want to say that I’m  not suggesting for one moment that there is a comparison … but understanding and seeing technique can always benefit your own humble process … I shall leave you friends with a comparison from drawing to sketch and see how it took shape … my future posts will explore the process in-depth and continue the journey – more to come …

2018 ‘ Clone’a ‘ oil On Canvas ( Ireland )2018-04-29 10.21.472018 ‘ Shanrahan  Church ‘ Pencil On paper 2018-02-07-16.09.01

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