A painter’s Journey continued

Following on from my last post my  journey taken on my artistic  journey in Ireland were as follows ,  My first steps were taken in the sketchbook taking in the surroundings of the beautiful land and recording my first lines of the landscape  .  I learnt that so many ways of recording nature can be made . A loose line in  a sketch can always refer to so many ways of making a painting , which  is so fascinating .

When you look at a Tinteoretto painting , a swift line suggests a whole area in a painting comes alive …….. I want to say that I’m  not suggesting for one moment that there is a comparison …..  but understanding and seeing technique can always benefit your own humble process …. I shall leave you friends with a comparison from drawing to sketch and see how it took shape ……. my further posts shall be exploring in depth process language and journey more to come …….

2018 ‘ Clonea ‘ oil On Canvas ( Ireland )2018-04-29 10.21.472018 ‘ Shanrahan  Church ‘ Pencil On paper 2018-02-07-16.09.01