A painter’s Journey continued

Following on from my last post, my artistic  journey in Ireland began with my sketchbook, taking in the surroundings of the beautiful land and recording my first lines of the landscape.  I learnt that there are so many ways to record nature: a loose line in  a sketch can always lead to so many ways of making a painting, which  is so fascinating.

When you look at a Tintoretto painting, a swift line suggests a whole area in a painting comes alive … I want to say that I’m  not suggesting for one moment that there is a comparison … but understanding and seeing technique can always benefit your own humble process … I shall leave you friends with a comparison from drawing to sketch and see how it took shape … my future posts will explore the process in-depth and continue the journey – more to come …

2018 ‘ Clone’a ‘ oil On Canvas ( Ireland )2018-04-29 10.21.472018 ‘ Shanrahan  Church ‘ Pencil On paper 2018-02-07-16.09.01

A Painters Journey

Its been quite a while since my last post . Travelling to Ireland last year experiencing new ideas and rekindling lost relationships . The two came together beautifully . After quite a few years in Cyprus painting from my imagination mostly .

In Ireland I became a landscape painter full of  expression .  The difference in light and shade  to the light of the med , gave way to a rebirth of my expressive language .  In a period of 4 to 5 months I absorbed my self in the surroundings of  Tipperary , creating sketchbooks full of  drawings of line and expression searching for a beginning . After weeks of working on  paper , ideas started to unfold .

Drawing 1  ‘ Landscape 1 ‘  Pencil On Paper



Drawing 2 ‘ Kinsale Harbour ‘ Pencil On Paper


Drawing 3 ‘ View From The Studio ‘ Pencil On Paper


These sketches proved to be a great starting point for the series of landscapes in oil . A technique / or method which I rarely adopted in my Cyprus Studio .

it was certainly a method I missed very much ……….. Paintings to follow

Back To the sketchbook

It’s a joy to go back to the sketchbook , to revisit old themes . Also the intimacy of making a diary with drawings ‘ or sketches which seems to be a little lost in today’s world it seems . I look forward to progressing my thoughts, ideas & sketches EEC8844A-8479-47BB-A9A5-87E88E2168F2

A Moment to Cherish

A truly magnificent moment for me , viewing Francis Bacon’s Studio live at the Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin . Every inch every spec is seen in his studio .. every brushwork felt . Being so close to a powerful Artist Space is breathtaking.

Before it’s final Stages A Process in Painting Looking Back

I decided that rather then thinking too hard to draw the image in . I had a moment of clarity standing in front of the work I looked away from the picture and made broad abstract shapes on the canvas and suddenly the shapes of theses figures appeared . The interesting thing was how liberating it felt as it freed a lot of decision making before hand .

Forgotten Paintings

why Oh why did I not think this painting did not work , looking back now in my opinion how wrong was I .SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Paintings in process a life in pictures

2017 ‘ Standing Nude In The Life Room ‘  Painting in process ……050ACB36-2AC0-4A59-962C-957529EE0FBE2016 ‘ Standing Nude In The Life Room ‘ Oil On Canvas92EC9DA0-59B7-420D-A679-209617DE208C

A morning post in pictures

The Painters shoes revisited , in the Artists Studio

Saturday Inks ‘ Selected Works ‘

From the sketchbook to the paintings continued

Thought of the day

‘ In a decaying society Art if it is truthful must also reflect decay and unless it wants to break faith with its social function , Art must show the world as changeable and help to change it ‘ Ernst Fisher  IMG_0416

Looking into a space a Painters Journal “ Selected Abstract Works “